We are three creators bringing a comic book to life to tell the story of a bicycle trip around the world. But let’s back up.

Guy grew up on comics. His childhood is crystallized in boxes of comics in his bedroom, and most of his (mis?)understandings of the world can be traced to these stacks. As a teenager, hundreds of miles away, Kamilla learned to unicycle and perform aerial acrobatics by tying herself up in silk fabric 15 feet off the ground. Guy met Kamilla on their college campus when they were both lured to a spot of grass under a honey locust tree by the jaunty melody of a folk band, and have since been inseparable. Years later, despite her almost nonexistent experience with long-distance cycling, Kamilla entertained Guy’s idea of using bicycles as their only transportation to tour the world, to cross entire countries, enjoying the absurd sound of it. 

Soon they found themselves setting out with their fully loaded touring bikes, halfway around the world, on a tiny island in the East China Sea. The more they biked, and the more they told people they were biking around the world, the more real it became. The next 4 years passed in a blur of furious pedaling, stunning panoramas, and novel cuisines. Spontaneous and wonderful encounters with the locals piled up until they had heaps and heaps of stories to recount. Invigorated by fresh air and friendly smiles, they were bursting with the desire to share their tale with others.

This is where Joe, the comic’s artist, comes in. He and Guy go way back. They met in undergrad and quickly bonded over their love of trespassing through various science buildings at night and staring at the vials and instruments. When they discovered a room with a giant vat full of glowing purple slime (really!) they felt they had confirmed their suspicions that reality was weirder than anyone was letting on. On their nightly excursions they also discovered a shared love of comics, Paganini, and Krispy Kreme donuts. The rest is history.

We banded together to tell the unforgettable stories from our journey. We are all nomads inspired to capture the magic and discovery of travel in a unique way. Still, why a comic? First, the thing about bicycle travel is that there is more to show than there is to tell. 

There is a certain repetitive beauty to the daily grind of climbing up a mountain, seeing the world from a new vantage, and soaring down. A certain beauty that would be more repetitive than beautiful if pinned down in words. Also, the locals approached us with friendly curiosity on a daily basis. Their generosity warmed our hearts but most of our interactions in other countries involved a language barrier, and therefore misunderstandings and confusion. We wanted to capture this colorful, often humorous, physical and sensory experience. There is more to say on this matter but, like we said, we prefer to show.

Second, comics have a history of telling tales of wonder. There is something larger than life, or at least hard to believe, in a long distance bicycle trip. For some reason, most people we met worried that we’d either starve, be robbed, or be attacked by bears (or serial killers, or bears trained by serial killers). They wondered where we slept, how often we stopped, how we cooked, what we ate, how we communicated, how we paid for things, what we carried, how we kept from freezing, or how we had the energy to keep going every day. The things they took for granted we had abandoned. Which got them thinking. Which made them wonder… 

Our several year trip, with all of its unexpected detours and serendipitous sight-seeing, has filled us with inspiration. Pull on your metaphorical bike shorts, top up those water bottles, and come along for the ride!



Joe with puppies


Guy Bond