of the WILD

a true and epic graphic novel about two cyclists setting out to circumnavigate the world on their mechanical steeds

Chapter 1 available now !

“Our First Day” recounts the first day of our slapdash bike trip in 42 pages of color! We are geared up and excited to explore Taiwan’s wild spaces. But too late we realize that the jungles of Taipei are made of glass and steel, and we wonder where to camp in a crowded metropolis…

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Monarchs of the Wild: Chapter 1


If you like what you see and want to support the creation of future chapters, we’d appreciate any support! This is a labor of love, but it’s nice to occasionally have a cup of coffee while laboring. ;-)

check out the free pilot

Our pilot chapter, “Body Language,” is available for FREE as a PDF, which you can download here. It’s a taste of what’s to come in the misadventures of Kamilla and Guy.
our pilot chapter

about US!

Hi! We’re Guy and Kamilla!
MONARCHS OF THE WILD is a graphic novel inspired by our four-year adventure cycling around the world!
It’s a patchwork quilt of a tale: part adventure, part bike touring how-to guide, part historical memoir, part daydream, and a large heap of romance. Along for the ride is our talented friend Joe, who’s illustrating the story.
We’re planning to release the individual chapters in digital format first, and print it all as a compilation that will cover our entire journey.
Chapter 1 is available now! And don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter for more updates.

Home is where the bike is, Earth


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